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iPhone 12 mini packs big features in a 5.4-inch design. 5G to download movies on the fly and stream high-quality video. A beautifully bright and compact Super Retina XDR display. Ceramic Shield with 4x better drop performance. Incredible low-light photography with Night mode on all cameras. Cinema-grade Dolby Vision HDR video recording, editing, and playback. Powerful A14 Bionic chip. And new MagSafe accessories for easy attach and faster wireless charging. It’s big news for mini.

iPhone 12 Mini, the world's thinnest, smallest and lightest 5G phone

5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display - 1080x2340p resolution - A14 Bionic chip with latest generation Neural Engine - 64GB storage capacity - 12Mpx dual camera system with wide angle and ultra wide angle - Up to 10 hours streaming video playback - Fast charge up to 15W - iOS 14

iPhone 12 Mini. The new little member of the Apple family.

This 5.4 inch device joins the list of the most eagerly awaited phones this year: the iPhone 12, in smaller size. Apart from that, the Mini version has exactly the same specs as its big brother: 5G technology, A14 Bionic chip, edge-to-edge OLED display, Ceramic Shield, "Night Mode" on each of the cameras... and even more!

The iPhone really knows how to make the most of 5G!

5G is awesome, but 5G on the iPhone has nothing to do with that - it's even better.. Apple was not going to miss the opportunity to add the fastest network connectivity of the moment. However, the aim was not only to integrate 5G into the iPhone 12 Mini, but also to offer the best possible experience without sacrificing anything. That led them to do things differently.

To begin with, Apple has created custom antennas and radio components with superior sensitivity and extraordinary efficiency. And then iPhone 12 has been given more 5G bands than any other smartphone. Don't worry, you'll notice this yourself when downloading movies away from home, playing video at top quality or using FaceTime HD by using your mobile data

11 billion operations per second with the A14 Bionic chip

Apple does not fall short of the performance of its iPhone 12 Mini... Despite being "Mini", it is as powerful as the iPhone 12 Pro. So much so that it also includes the A14 Bionic chip. It exceeds all expectations with its capacity to process billions of operations in the Neural Engine, and even to record in Dolby Vision. In addition, it is highly energy-efficient, which ensures long battery life. It is a revolutionary processor, ready for virtually everything, ready for the future.

5.4-Inch Screen, now OLED

iPhone 12 Mini also comes with the best iPhone screen to date, having made the leap from LCD to OLED. In this type of panel, each pixel emits its own light. So they can be switched off completely to deliver true black colours or up to 1200 nits to make HDR content shine. This results in a contrast of 2,000,000:1. What a huge difference!!

Dual camera system: wide angle + ultra wide angle

With the iPhone 12 Mini you can take photographs worthy of the best art galleries. This time it is thanks to its dual camera system with wide and ultra wide angle, which captures scenes of up to 120º. Its new wide-angle lens lets in 27% more light, resulting in highly detailed, colourful images that are closer to reality than ever before, whether by day or by night. All this is also thanks to the 'Night Mode', which maintains clarity in your pictures even in poor ambient light, and the HDR Smart 3, which balances the sharpness, colour and white balance of all the elements in the picture.

4K Video Recordings

Apple stimulates your creativity. That's why with the new iPhone 12 Mini you can also make real masterpieces in motion. In fact, this new iPhone creation by Apple enables you to shoot 4K HDR videos with Dolby Vision.

Until recently, this technology was only available to big-budget movies and series. But times have changed: you can now record, edit and play back videos in Dolby Vision from your iPhone. This is not only unthinkable for other smartphones, but also for professional camcorders.

iOS 14. Shortcuts that make your life easier

If you are an Apple user, you will already know that iOS is designed from start to finish to make using your devices much faster and more convenient. For example, with iOS 14 and the iPhone 12 Mini you can pin conversations in the Messages app to put your main contacts at the top of your list. Apple has also redesigned widgets so you can access the information you want at a glance on the same home screen.

Maximum security by Apple

In addition to a sophisticated design, the following should be acknowledged about Apple: iOS is the safest operating system available. So the apps you use every day with your iPhone 12 Mini are designed to keep your privacy safe: with Safari, your trackers are gone; with the Maps app, your location history is history; photos don't reveal your images to anyone but you, your messages stay between you and the writer, and so on.

Little big details:

And, even if we could write a longer article than "Bleak House", we will end with a summary of other very important features of the iPhone 12 Mini that we do not want to fail to mention

  • The broadest coverage worldwide: iPhone 12 has up to 20 5G bands and 32 LTE bands, more than any other smartphone, for greater worldwide roaming.
  • Augmented reality: The A14 Bionic chip takes AR to another level. Explore ancient worlds, dissect a frog or redecorate your house without leaving home thanks to Quick View with Augmented Reality.
  • More shots, less lag: Snapping shots quickly? iPhone intelligently adapts, speeding up processing so you can capture all the action.
  • Two numbers: Dual SIM with eSIM lets you have both a personal number and a business number on the same iPhone.
  • Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos: Sound moves around you in 3D space, so you feel like you’re inside the action.
  • Recycled rare earth in magnets: iPhone 12 uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets.

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